The best of both worlds for you in ecommerce

Shopify is the easiest to use and best supported ecommerce system we’ve ever seen. Shopify Lite is only $9 per month and it lets you place buy buttons into your WordPress site.

Our product is a completely custom WordPress website with Shopify inside.

For only £1999 you get the header,footer and navigation designed by us to your specification. You choose how many content pages are created by us and how many Shopify buttons you need. The site is then yours to evolve with our best in class drag and drop page builder. Or you can get us to do the bits you don’t want to do, some of them, none of them or all of them, the choice is yours.

Double the footfall - have a chain of shops!

We recommend having a WordPress store with Shopify buy buttons as your first store. You can easily modify/grow/develop this with no nerdy code - or get us to do some of it - the choice is yours. Our drag and drop page builder is easy peasy and some say it’s actually fun. Honest.

The all important SEO is made easier by the preinstalled industry leading Yoast ( Yoast guides you with a nice traffic light indicator for every page that nudges you to score green for your important pages. We discuss SEO with every client so you’ll know what is DIY and when to draw the line and get help.

Customers will be be found in different places. Different Social channels have different audiences and this way you’ll be spreading the net and catching even more sales. The Buy buttons can be easily used in any of your Social Media channels turning them into buy now channels or routing them to your central store.

When the money is coming in upgrade your Shopify account to basic and open up your Shopify store for yet another audience. All of these stores/channels feed into your nice friendly Shopify back end making management easy.

Using tools such as and Google Analytics you can see where your marketing is working and which areas need a little more help.

Even on the Lite plan you get complete industry leading 24/7 support from Shopify along with their superb transactions manager.

Shopify: We can set up WordPress to have Shopify buy buttons or beyond.You can try Shopify for FREE for two weeks to make sure it's right for you.

Start today from only £999

From £1999 for a completely custom website with up to 20 products set up by us.

From £999. Or you can do some of the work yourself and have less design time for a starting price of £999. You can always top up your time if you want to. Get in touch with us and tick the 'WordPress with Shopify' button on our contact form and we'll start the ball rolling.