Wix pros and cons and why you shouldn’t

Thinking about a Wix website for your business? Let's look at the Wix pros and cons.

Wix is a well known website building solution but there's some pros and cons that you should be aware of before spending your valuable time - and money. Yes, money. Forget the free option if you want to be taken seriously as a business...

You’re in business so you’re aware of ‘total cost of ownership’. Invariably the entry price isn’t the whole story. We’re going to try to show you the Wix pros and cons and let you decide whether they're worth a punt. We think that Wix is a good product in some ways but our custom WordPress is a much better product that actually costs less.

Your time is money, your money

If you’re considering the Wix route then you’ve chosen to do a lot of the work yourself. This is obviously cheaper than going to a web design company with the inevitable meetings and design time bills etc. Plus you get to choose the imagery and fine tune the pages just how you like them without getting a big bill. You are of course using up your time and we are suggesting that you make a note of the amount of time this process takes, as in our experience it is always more than people think.

Your time is money so the thinking is that a web company will charge more per hour than you value your own time. That’s possibly true in part but if they’re any good they will be much quicker than you so it can balance out, leaving you to concentrate on your business.

Wix pros and cons: Level, you're still debating the DIY route.

Last chance!

So you’ve chosen the do it yourself route and you’re attracted to Wix. We would strongly recommend our Do it yourself properly route instead but let’s see where the Wix route takes you.

You’ve decided to go the Wix route.

You choose a template. Try it for a bit and decide you want another one. You realise that with Wix that means starting again, but you’ve only built a few pages so it’s not a huge problem. Very annoying but you carry on.

You find another theme you like and now you’re building all six pages of your site and you’re fairly happy with them. You’ll tweak them about over the next few days - because everyone does. Try it out on mobile, tablet and desktop because you want all of your customers to have a good experience. Go back and adjust a few things (if the theme lets you) and so on. Now you’re a web designer, like it or not!

Wix pros and cons: Con, the content is baked in with the theme. Changing the theme means starting over again. Not so with WordPress, just flip to a new theme or get us to modify your current theme.

How long have you spent? 

Probably at least 30 hours. You’re worth much more but, for the sake of argument, let’s say £15 per hour. So that free website has cost you £450 before you start to pay Wix for all the hosting AND the extras. So much for the free domain. But that’s not the worst bit, the sucker punch is yet to come!

How long have you spent?  Probably at least 30 hours. You’re worth much more but, for the sake of argument, let’s say £15 per hour in this case.

That’s £450 before you start to pay Wix…

This is starting to add up...

Once you’ve paid to remove the advertising and upgraded the plan to Wix's recommended ‘unlimited’ plan and paid for each email address, you’re looking at hundreds of pounds a year, every year. And you’re locked in, you can’t move your site because Wix own it. If for any reason you need to move you’d have to start again elsewhere. OK, this is getting gloomy, let’s look at an alternative!

Wix pros and cons: Con. You'll invest your time on any DIY website solution but if you create content on WordPress it is portable. You own it - not Wix! You can take your site to somewhere else at the drop of a hat!

We love drag and drop too

Wix is a drag and drop design system and it’s beginner friendly. However, WordPress has had drag and drop page builders for ages and some have been getting better and better. Elementor and Beaver Builder are both super friendly drag and drop Pagebuilders and the built in Gutenberg editor is going from strength to strength.

WordPress page builders are a match for Wix and you don’t have that game stopping ownership and portability problem that Wix has.

Wix pros and cons: Evens. Both have a friendly easy to use, drag and drop page builder.

Ownership and portability

As we said earlier, you don’t own a Wix website, Wix does. They are the hosting company and the software provider. Even the images have their copyright and can’t be used if you move away from them. Not that there’s an export button! This is the sucker punch - their system isn’t designed for you to move elsewhere. It’s a trap really, and the more time you spend honing your site and growing and evolving it, the more reluctant you’ll be to start again somewhere else. Your business isn’t going to fall for that is it! Your time is an investment, invest it wisely.

A better way

We can create a website for you set up all ready for you to change it around easily using the easiest drag and drop system there is.

We’ll style the header, menu and footer as per your instructions and put your content (or some place holder content if you're not ready yet) into 5 pages for you however you see fit. You can then drag and drop your layouts however you want to. You can back the whole site up with one click and store it on any hard drive or USB stick for safety. If you want to move hosts it’s just as easy. You’re not tied down with a contract and there’s a world of choice with hosting (but check out hosts thoroughly before you move!)

How much for all of this? Less than Wix when you add up the total costs over three years.

Wix pros and cons: Con. Wix is not even cheap. Don't fall for the low entry cost. The meter is running with your time costs and it's unrecoverable time.

DIY is great, especially with drag and drop, but we think us setting up drag and drop for you in the WordPress space is a better deal than Wix by a country mile.

Talk to us about a better deal for your business website.