Wix and why you shouldn’t

With great looking templates and drag and drop simplicity it’s easy to see why Wix is so popular. There’s even a free plan. What could possibly go wrong?

Ownership. You don’t own your Wix website, Wix does.

The site is hosted by Wix, even the images they supply are covered by Wix’s copyright. If you’re going down the build it yourself route you are investing your time in building a website. It should be your website and it should be portable.

wix-lego 2


The most popular plan according to Wix is the ‘Unlimited’ plan at £9.97 per month. This reduces to £7.76 per month if paying yearly (£93.12) £111.74 inc VAT.

Email is £3.30 per email address per month, which works out at (£39.60) £47.52 inc VAT. There is a free domain for the first year.

So, assuming you try Wix for a few months before you decide to switch to the cheaper yearly pricing you’re looking at the best part of £200 for the first year and that’s if you only need one e-mail address. Most businesses have multiple email addresses.

It’s cheap?

It’s not even that cheap. Once you’ve paid to remove the advertising and upgraded the plan and paid for each email address you’re looking at hundreds of pounds a year. And you’re locked in, you can’t move your site. And at £50 per year per email address that could soon add up.

Drag and drop

We can now offer a drag and drop page builder that is rapidly becoming the industry standard. This beginner friendly page builder allows you to drag and drop page elements and then save the page layout as your own template. It takes Do It Yourself WordPress to another level with no nerdy code needed at all. It's way more flexible than Wix https://vimeo.com/122546221


Wix is an Israeli company and no one knows post Brexit what the exchange rate with other countries might do. If the exchange rate suddenly gets expensive you need to be able to move your website quickly to somewhere else. With Wix you can’t, you’d have to start again elsewhere.

With WordPress you can export your text and menu’s and move to another host of your choice. There’s some work involved but you can do it.

With our WordPress set up you can export the whole website, text, images, theme, menus, plugins - everything - and move to a new host of your choice should you decide to.


As stated above, the images made available by Wix are owned by Wix and cannot be used outside of Wix. The chances are similar businesses could easily be using the same images as your business. That’s not ideal.

Images are almost always owned by someone but there are thousands that are free to use even for business websites. One of our favourites is Pixabay (https://pixabay.com/) with over a million free to use images and illustrations.


If you decide to sell things through your website you can do so with the one solution Wix gives you. With WordPress there are many different solutions to choose from so you can choose the most appropriate one for your business.


Wix has an appealing drag and drop interface but we believe ours to be better. With Wix you can start building your site with minimal outlay but isn't your business worth a small cash investment?

After all, if you're going down the 'build it yourself' route you are choosing to invest a lot of your time in it. We believe the better choice is to let us build you the foundations and point you in the right direction. You've then got the freedom to build up your website knowing that it is yours and that you are in control.

Our £500 website deal has multiple free email addresses and our hosting is only £60 per year - £120 per year for our premium managed hosting.

Over three years, even with our premium hosting we’re actually the cheaper option!

(prices checked August 2017)