White label WordPress for Digital Marketers


We can supply a top quality ‘White label WordPress website’ for Digital Marketers.

Maybe you’ve used a premium theme or a custom coded solution for your clients. We believe we offer a better option for your clients.

Premium themes are invariably slow, complex and run the risk of support disappearing. Custom coded sites are dependent on the developer and all that that entails. The custom coded route is a dependency and, in our opinion, a liability. If anything happens to the developer or your relationship with them where does that leave you?

Our solution is different because we only use proven products that have gone past the tipping point of survival. Theme builders and programmers come and go but the teams behind the solution we use are in it for the long haul.

Our custom themes can be changed and saved without any code knowledge needed. Expanding the site is so easy clients can do it themselves (if you choose to give them full edit-ability).

  • Our WordPress websites can look however you want them to look and don’t all look like WordPress websites! There’s a range of page layouts and they can be pulled about and re-arranged with ease. If you wish we can do all the layouts and content population or you can do some of layouts once you see how easy it is, the choice is yours.
  • We supply or can recommend premium hosting if required (one of only four hosting companies recommended by WordPress).
    We can also produce tuition video’s for the website’s day to day management. The video’s are bite sized screenshot movies with voiceover, which can carry your branding if you wish.
  • We can tune the website to meet Google’s Page Speed Insights Green Standard for mobile and desktop. This alone is a gauge of quality that most sites don’t reach and has the provenance of a Google benchmark. This will reassure your clients of the quality of the product AND stand you in good stead for extra SEO points!
  • As White Label implies We keep our name completely out of the process leaving you to add your branding and your fee. The Page Builder can be branded with your logo as an optional extra.
  • Hosting support is 24/7 and there’s optional support packages for the drag and drop Page Builder too.

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