Lookalikes - ‘Want that one’

'...can you build me a website just like that one?'

We love 'lookalikes'!

Can we copy and customise something you've seen for a lot less?

Usually the answer is yes and at a substantially lower price.

It’s not rocket science

  • The time to arrive at a design that is what the client likes is, well, time is money
  • If you already know more or less what you want that’s half the battle!
  • The constant saving of us working remotely is also in your favour cost wise

That means you can get a very competitive price for the website you want. Just don’t tell anyone what it cost you!

Obviously we can create your perfect website from scratch and guide you through the staging process as we go. It's usual for us to get a wishlist composed of different elements from other websites.

We then assemble these elements into a coherent website without it looking like Frankenstein's monster!

Once you start looking at other websites with a view to having lookalike elements in your website you'll never look at websites the same way again!

You'll see some that will make you think 'Please No, not at all like that!'

That's more useful information for us.

We can create lookalikes for substantially less then the originals and probably using exactly the same technology. As long as the project doesn't try to save pennies on hosting (false economy) it should load fast enough to keep Google happy.

The SEO that we include in all but our lowest price projects will be more than enough unless you have a gazillion competitors.

(If you do you'll need an SEO specialist)

So please go ahead. Note down the website or websites you've seen and would like us to emulate and get in touch for a free quote!