SEO for your business

Basic SEO

You've probably heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
It's what it says really, it's the art of optimising web pages and websites in order to appear higher in Google and Bing etc.

To cut to the chase, there are a few major factors that affect how hard it is going to be for your web page or website to appear on the super important 'page one of Google'.

How many competitors have you got?

The more competitors you have the harder it is going to be on that necessary page one. It may be that your service or business has different aspects that can be highlighted on separate pages so that they may show up in a search - and not necessarily the home page. These pages are called 'Landing Pages' and can act like fly paper to a Google search if implemented correctly.

Is your business mainly local?

If you're wanting to appear on searches that are region specific, things can get easier. For instance, if you have a plumbing business and you don't want to work outside of Leicestershire, we'd make sure your location was known to Google and they would rank you higher than a Nottingham plumber for example - all other things being equal. Remember, Google usually knows where you are when you search, so if the search was made in Leicester, Google would more than likely weigh your business above the Nottingham plumber.

All Google is trying to do is display the best match for what people are searching for. We just give it the help it wants.



SEO is crucial for small businesses because, as you know, Google has taken the place of Yellow Pages. The old model of Yellow Pages was totally different to the web. Yellow Pages had potential clients leafing through a book looking for the right business in different ways. They could have been searching for trade association membership, location, size of advert, what the advert looked like and the list goes on.

Now it’s all change. It’s page one of Google or you are nowhere. People have to click on the link before they see the website and so it’s page one or no calls and few web visits. That will affect your bottom line. You could see at a glance in Yellow Pages anywhere from two to twenty companies over the two pages or so and people naturally flicked through the pages – now they don't. All that clicking and waiting and going back to the search – poor old page two doesn’t get a look in.

People will usually visit the ones below the sponsored ad’s in order from the top down until they find what they want (that's what you do isn't it?). Will people visit all ten sites on page one and not find what they are looking for? Unlikely.

It all ends well

So, it’s clear that you need to be on Google’s page one. However, as a small business you don’t have a massive marketing budget. So let’s get to the good news straight away. Page one on Google can be yours for less than what you used to spend on Yellow Pages (and don’t waste your hard earned cash on Yell!)

Just tell us your website address (if you have one) and your contact details (and any competitors) and we’ll  take a look at what we can do for you and get back to you with no obligation. We aren't SEO specialists and if you need one we'll tell you you need one and how to find a good one. There, no affiliate links!

Please let me know what you can do for my business, we need to be one page one of Google.

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