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Websites from £500 to £35k

Numerous elements have enabled us to reduce the price of developing websites. We had begun remote working before Covid and now that people are familiar with Zoom and/or Teams it's been easy to say goodbye to a physical office. We'd also scrapped 'sales' visits, saving travel time and costs. Finally, years of experience has enabled us to sense the 'jobs from hell' and politely turn them down. Life's too short and the cost of them gets passed on to everyone else.

Horses for courses

So yes, we can now produce a finished website starting from £500. Sure there are limitations at this price but it's still a great upgrade-able product and it's built on the same foundations and with the same tools as the posh ones 🙂

£500 to £1k

We know you have a budget. Everyone does. We also know at this price you have probably considered one of the DIY options such as Wix or GoDaddy. But you're here - which is great - and that means you've probably worked out that Wix etc aren't that cheap in the long run and you don't want your website to look like 'My first website'.

Even at our lowest price point you are going to get a great product from us. A £500 website has the design and consultation time somewhat restricted but we can do it! For some businesses it will fit the bill. It may be basic but it's basic done right.

For instance: a small community service that just needs a Professional image with a few pages, some optimised pics, a contact form and a donation button with a proper host and an easy to use WordPress

Or a specialist garage that needs five or six pages of text explaining the services they offer with some great imagery, testimonials and a map

All websites have costs other than design time (domain names and hosting) but they're included in these price guides.

How many pages?
It is very easy to add more pages and pages can be just a few paragraphs or they can be a mile high with anchor links etc. One consideration though is that once you go over five or six pages the menu starts to need managing a little more.

Google and Bing and SEO
Even at our lowest price we will make sure your website is assembled in keeping with what Google and Bing like. Whether you appear on page one of search results depends on many factors. We will advise you for FREE when you contact us.

£1k to £2k

This price point is very popular. It's not as 'squeezed' as a lower price website and allows for a more extensive project.

There's more room for landing pages, contact forms and sign ups etc.

Our WordPress websites are now built on top of GeneratePress Premium and a Premium Page Builder so you have a lot more options with layout and design and at this price point we'll have the time to use them.

In addition to our standard websites our £1k to £2k websites add:

  • Landing pages for better SEO coverage
  • Much more room for content etc
  • More design time
  • A variety of menu options
  • Optimise and/or source or suggest imagery
  • Deliver a fast website performance measured by Google
  • Use Zoom or Teams to screenshare how to edit your site in the future - or you can get us to do it for pennies


Whatever You Want

With a fully custom or bespoke website you get exactly what you want. Couple that with our low overheads and you can get 'agency quality' at down to earth prices.

We can replicate most websites that you see and we've replicated quite a few websites that would cost much, much more if you went to an agency.

At this price point we can start to take the content to another level. Needless to say AI will be used to up your game wherever possible.

We can accommodate staged payments.

  • Text can be run through Grammarly as well as Sonoma's new text tools
  • Yoast will be green on all important pages
  • Imagery will be optimised and distributed over relevant screen sizes so you look good on the big screen, and tablets and mobiles don't choke on big files
  • Also, Adobe Photoshop 2024 has some very impressive AI tools working to make you look good too

Our experience has seen us work on many varied projects across various media and you get all that experience applied to your project. At this price point we'll be looking at your competitors and seeing where you can beat them

Incredible Numbers

Websites built since 1999

We've made some mistakes. We've learned a lot. Who doesn't value experience?
Do you really want a beginner?

Digital Projects

Sometimes our work isn't just a website. With our many partners we have completed a variety of media projects over the years

Maintenance jobs

We also do the small stuff. Tiny edits. Image changes etc. At only £45 per hour with a £30 minimum fee we're very affordable!


Kalila Storey

Nick from Z Media did a fantastic job building a website for us and had a lot of patience teaching us how to manage it and use it. He went above and beyond the remit and we would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a website. It was a pleasure working with him

Lizzie Soden

I have worked with Z Media on two occasions and couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Due to their knowledge and experience they are able to advise on various different options for your project and explain things in a clear and concise way. They are friendly and approachable and really put your needs first, especially if you have a set budget.

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