Welcome to Z Media

Fast Google friendly and mobile friendly websites

Welcome to Z Media!

You’ve probably scanned in the QR from our A5 leaflet and that means you’re probably a small to medium sized business in Leicester visiting us on a mobile phone.

This is important as over 50% of web traffic to a lot of businesses is by mobile and Google will give you a higher rating if your pages are mobile friendly. That’s not to say that desktop and tablet visitors are in any way unimportant but in 2024 you have to get your mobile pages as quick as possible - and we can help you do that.

So, in brief here is the ‘this is what we are’ and ‘this is what we do’ statement:

What we are

We’re a web design company that build affordable, fast websites that are measurably Google friendly and mobile friendly. We’ve been around for over twenty years and enjoy keeping up to date.

What we do

We will look at the competitors you identify for us as well as others around the world to gauge who’s doing what in your industry and probably why. We’ll then see how we can make you look better and be faster than your competitors.
We’ll share that with you and we can then form a plan and a quote. So far it’s ALL FREE!

We’re not coy on pricing. Our websites cost between £500 to £35k. Obviously at the low end of that price range things are more basic, but it’s basic done right. We’ll be using the same tools as our posher sites, using the same skills and experience. It’s horses for courses.

Please take a look at our portfolio or just ask us to start the ball rolling right now.
Thanks for your time!