Google Friendly

Google provide the FREE tools to show you what they think of your website. Your website is measured for four, what Google term as ‘Core Web Vitals’. The page is at Pagespeed insights and is also available through Lighthouse for the Chrome browser. The tool will show you how to get your website google Friendly.

Page speed insights is the easiest way to use the tool. Lighthouse is easier to say!
They both give you the same result. We’ll refer to it as Lighthouse or Pagespeed most of the time.

The tool gives you a score out of a hundred for Performance, Accessibility, Best practices and SEO.
These are colour coded like a traffic light: Green, amber and red. You want green. You really don’t want red. Red is a bad colour. We can turn your reds into green.


Pagespeed score showing top marks for Core Web Vitals - ie A solid step to being Google Friendly


No one wants a slow site. Google don’t want to send people to a slow site if they can help it.
If your site takes three seconds to start loading half of your visitors will be off to somewhere else - everyone has competitors... You don't want that. You have to be green on this. We'll get you green!


This is a good opportunity to do the right thing and score more Google points. It’s not just people with additional needs that benefit from an accessible website but search engines can read an accessible website better and they like that!


If you have many competitors it will be more difficult to appear on page one of a google search so it is vitally important that you give yourself the best chance of showing up when a potential client searches for any keyword or keyword phrase that fits your business. It may well be that you need an SEO specialist but that may not be the case. If we get the Lighthouse SEO score green and Yoast (The world’s favourite SEO plugin) happy you may well find that it’s job done.

Best Practices

This can get a bit technical (for us, not for you if we do it) and covers things such as imagery rules and a secure connection etc. We’ll get you green in this too.

Let us get your website Google Friendly!

So in summary, you need to be green on all four scores ideally. It is possible to get 4x100 but it’s not necessary and can result in spending too much time for too little gain - and time is money!

We will get you green on all four tests. Do the right thing and get a FREE quote with FREE callback today!