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The Soft Touch Arts website went live late in 2022 and is constantly evolving. It's got a new host, replacing the old TSO host and the email is now Google Workspace.

It's an easy to edit website and multiple staff are editors.

Soft Touch are all about projects and their current projects will soon be joined by a selection of their over a thousand projects chosen from their 30 year plus history.

The archive will help SEO as it will cover all artforms that the charity offer to participants.

ST portfolio

We love working with arts organisations and can be very competitive on price.

Covid forced us into using Zoom but now we've seen the travel costs factor and not needing any form of office space, Zoom is here to stay!


You can see the website at

And you can also visit the cafe and/or any running exhibitions at Number 50 New Walk, Leicester

Funeral Partners – Technical support

Funeral Partners – Technical support


National company Funeral Partners commissioned us to assist their technical staff in the transition from their Drupal websites to WordPress. They had a corporate site and over 60 branch sites that needed to be easy to update but look identical to the Drupal version, maintaining the branding.

We presented a number of options that allowed them to move the project forward. Individual branches can now update and manage their own WordPress sites.

Culture on the Offensive


Culture on the Offensive

This was a maintenance job where we updated plugins, liaised with the hosting company and did some updates and tweaks to the theme.

The theme was a commercial theme from Code Canyon. Covid took a toll on the business because they relied on a live audience but I think they're recovering from it now.

Malcolm Miles – Garage – website


Saab has had its ups and downs but it’s coming back with a healthy line up of electric powered vehicles. Saab repairs and servicing from Malcolm Miles has been more consistent. Still at Erith Road and still friendly, highly skilled and efficient.

This site has a clearly defined job to do. It must attract any searches for Saab service  and repair and make the phone ring! It does exactly that and it is on page one of Google for many different search terms that prospective customers may use.

Important information begins with an easy to find phone number and opening hours as well as a map so you can be found. Wrap it all up in a stylish website that works even on tiny phones and you have a nice replacement for the defunct Yellow Pages!

CASE – Website and SEO

CASE – Website and SEO


The website for the Co-operative and Social Enterprise agency was a great project to work on. We modified a GeneratePress Framework to fit the task and migrated the domain over to a .coop domain

Matching their current marketing materials and being an easy to edit WordPress site were the two main aims of the Case website.

We held training sessions on how to edit the site both in the office and remotely. Case staff now run the website easily with only a very rare tiny bit of help from us!

Returns at position #1 on Google for Social Enterprise Leicester

case portfolio

Practical Printer – website

The Practical Printer - website

Practical Printer – website

The Practical Printer - website

We're very pleased with this website as it reflects the clean modern image that typifies The Practical Printer. There's a grid based home page featuring Practical's in-house illustrator and the rest of the site has SEO optimised pages featuring all of Practical's services. The site loads quickly and works well on tablet and mobile as well as desktop.

See The Practical Printer


Leicester Comedy Festival Archive

Leicester Comedy Festival Archive

We took over this project at the eleventh hour and had to deliver a finished website before the 2018 Leicester Comedy Festival began. When we started work we had some raw interview footage, a logo a domain name and the beginnings of a website on Wix.

We took the logo and closed the Wix site as soon as possible, opening a new account with Siteground so that the site would be reasonably fast amongst other reasons.

Our job wasn’t just to design the website but to facilitate the project participant’s in producing a professional archive of the Leicester Comedy Festival. They had to find and identify video footage, promotional posters, interviews and audio material. This then needed to be digitised and made into acceptable and consistent formats for the website.

We also showed them how to build a WordPress custom theme for the website, using the colour of the logo and a grid based navigation system for the front page.

The website is to be found at

It would be great if someone was still maintaining it!
We offered for free but still no replies!

The project was managed by Liz Soden and the accompanying exhibition and launch were handled by Soft Touch Arts. Needless to say, everything was delivered on time to a very high standard against difficult circumstances.

Skydive Strathallan – website, ecommerce and reviews system



Skydive Strathallan – website, ecommerce and reviews system


The home of skydiving in Scotland since 1960. We have been running and updating Skydive Strathallan for some time now. Skydive Strathallan has an ecommerce booking system where you can choose alternative dates for your first jump courses and/or buy gift vouchers.

The site has recently had a new reviews section installed by us and the feedback from users and the club is all positive.



People Express – website and tuition

People Express – website and tuition


This is the third website we have built for People Express and features our favourite page builder. After a brief tutorial via Zoom their staff were able to login and build new pages and posts and use the page builder to arrange the content as they wished. They are very happy with the site!

ppx gayl

This was the second website we built for People Express. A few years ago they had a WordPress website based on an off the shelf theme. This was fine until the theme designer stopped updating the theme. At that point we were asked to recreate the theme with a few aesthetic and functional changes.

This second website is a completely custom WordPress underpinned by  the industry standard Genesis framework. At the top of their list was a more modern design that was also mobile friendly.

Our work with People Express has also brought about a change of Internet Service Provider (ISP). Their former host was a very expensive provider with questionable service. People Express now have a charity friendly ISP with excellent service and very low costs. Consequently this website rebuilding exercise actually paid for itself well within two years!

So the site is now mobile friendly and has much lower running costs!



One of our more unusual and highly enjoyable projects involved arranging the recording of the voice-overs for this historical experience in Chester.

We worked (again) with the amazing Oscar winning (Best documentary 1967) Dick Graham*


We also sourced (and in some cases created) all of the sound effects and Foley. The final part of the job was to get everything burned to EPROM's for use by triggers around the buildings.



Takeaway: Getting people sitting on chairs chosen for their creakiness to all pretend to be rowing so we could record the sound of the wooden boats taking you to Deva...

(Please note, we did not create the web site)

*Dick Graham was the co-narrator of The War Game as well as numerous BBC 2 and Radio 4 credits and voice coaching with the RSC.