Your potential customers will be looking at your website on a range of devices now – increasingly on a mobile or tablet first – so it must look good on them as well as a desktop (Apple and PC). It will look good on them, because we’ll check it on all of them before it goes live.

Contemporary – but not experimental

We keep up to date with design trends and separate the short lived gimmickry from the genuine progress. Currently websites are moving to so called ‘flat design’. This is following Apple, Android and Microsoft’s lead where any faux 3D elements are now flattened and colours tend to have lost their gradients. Many font combinations are now available and choosing the right ones is a major factor. Great imagery is now essential, whether bought stock or professionally photographed. The end result is that your site will look up to date and not five years old – and load quickly. Again, look at your competitors – your close ones and those further afield. If you’ve seen a ‘look’ you want or an essential feature we can incorporate it or tell you the caveats.