We build websites for small and medium sized businesses, education and not for profit businesses and we get them on the first page of Google.

Our websites start at only £500 for a flexible template website. Our custom websites can cost as little as £950.

Even at this price, unless you have loads of competitors, you can expect to be well placed on Google – which alone could make your site pay for itself very quickly! See our pricing page for details.  Our SEO service starts from only £250 – get in touch for a free SEO quote

Some people find our standard website with no extra SEO is all that’s needed. As marketing goes, that’s a bargain. If your market sector is more competitive then you will need a wider marketing strategy including SEO, internet marketing and traditional marketing. We use the same high value thinking – complete with KPI’s and ROI metrics if needed – to achieve your goals.


Year one hosting and a co.uk domain name is included in all website pricing. Hosting in year two starts at only £60pa.  We can also offer  – and strongly recommend – managed hosting where you don’t have to worry about keeping everything technical behind the scenes up to date and backed up. Because our managed hosting looks after security and software updates and much more, it actually saves you money.* You can leave at any time, we don’t do tie ins or nasty contracts, many others do.


*Our managed hosting means that you don’t need to login and check for software updates, plugin updates and security updates (or pay us or someone else to do it). If the worst happens and you get hacked, the service includes restoring the site to a state before the hack took place and patching the vulnerability. Most hacks are via out of date plugins or plugins of a dubious source. Our managed host updates plugins the moment an author releases an update. Certain plugins are not allowed because of security issues and all plugins are genuine with the full support of the authors. The time cost of your staff doing the above work is probably much more than our hosting fees. The cost of repairing a hacked site is usually significantly high and the damage can be far reaching.