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Welcome to Z Media and thank you for joining us.

You may have seen our advert so let’s cut to the chase!

We are an affordable website design company producing professional websites from only £500

We can build you a website that is Google and Mobile friendly - essential in 2024 - and Google doesn't like slow websites (who does?)

Don't believe us ask Google yourself: It’s easy to see what Google friendly is by simply visiting Page Speed Insights, the Google measuring tool that tells you what they like and what they don’t like about your website. It’s an easy to see traffic light system measuring

  • Performance
  • Best Practise
  • Accessibility and
  • SEO

There’s a score out of 100 for each but it can prove disproportionate to spend too much time trying for a perfect score. 90 or above (green) is fine - we'll get you green on ALL four.


No-one likes slow websites and Google know this and will eventually penalise slow websites by showing them lower down in search results. we can make sure that doesn’t happen! The score is shown as Mobile and Desktop and Mobile is harder to score well in but it should really be green.

Best Practise

There are numerous things Google checks for regarding imagery and https status. It’s best to get these right. We’ll make sure you get the important bits ticked.


The good thing here is that if you get this right both people with additional needs AND google and other search engines will reward you for it. It’s a win win and daft not to. It’s easy to get bogged down in the detail with it but fairly easy to score green. Remember we’re not after 100/100 but we do want green.

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Search Engine Optimisation is a massive subject and it’s full of snake oil salespeople and smoke and mirrors. We’re not going there at all. Basically there are some rules - which the Google tool will pick you up on. There are also some secret sauce recipes that can (allegedly) get you higher in the search results or negatively impact on your search position.

If you don’t have a ton of competitors it’s relatively easy to show up well in a page that’s built correctly using the Google guide and Yoast (a free popular SEO plugin).

If you do have a ton of competitors and you’re not showing well in search results we can help up to a point but you may need a specialist as it can be a very deep topic. Either way we can help up to a point and we charge a lot less than SEO specialists.

Mobile friendly

Our system lets you tailor mobile pages to score better on the pages you deem to be important. It’s already fairly friendly out of the box but it’s nice to be able to adjust certain pages to suit mobile users and desktop users.


As we said, we are an affordable website design company. Our websites start at only £500 and go up to £35k. Obviously a £500 website will be fairly basic but it’s basic done right. We love to see what your competitors are up to online and get you looking better and being faster than them. We always quote transparent pricing so you don’t get surprises. And we’re not Grand Designs, we don’t go over budget unless you ask us to! FREE quotes and FREE callbacks - get a free quote today!