How can I improve my online presence?

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Form and Function
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It is crucial to identify what your online presence is trying to achieve. In order to improve your online presence a lot of clues can be found by looking at your competitors. What are they doing? Does their website aesthetically look better than yours? We can fix that!

Two cars racing - suggesting competitors!

First impressions are important and potential clients are fickle and impatient.
Everyone has competition.

Seven questions

  • Does your competitors website cut to the chase promptly?
  • Can you find what you'd want to know within the first 20 or so seconds there in plain site?
  • Does their website take an age to load?
  • Exactly how fast is it? - because it’s a brutal world out there for slow websites!
  • Does Google like their website?
  • Does Google like your website?
  • How do people find it and how do they find yours?

Fortunately Google provide a great FREE tool that measures what they call 'Core Web Vitals'
All you have to do is paste the web address into the Google Lighthouse page and wait a few seconds and it will show you a traffic light score of what Google considers vital performance benchmarks that you should deliver on.  If anything is red, you have a problem. You want to be green. Amber is not the end of the world but not ideal. The page tells you how to get to be green, some of it is very technical but some is obvious. It's not necessary to get 100% and it can take too long or actually be detrimental in some cases to do so. You do need to be green though (90% or better).

We can get you to green on all four scores.

Pagespeed score showing top marks for Core Web Vitals - ie A solid step to being Google Friendly

We got 100% in this instance but the performance score varies and mobile is much harder. We can alter page by page how a website performs on mobile and if your intended audience is primarily using mobile that's an option.

Analytics and SEO

OK, once the speed is sorted out we need to see what's going on behind the website.  Both Analytics and SEO can be complex but for the sake of this post we'll stick to the basics. You have to have some level of analytics or you won't know how many people are hitting your website. It helps to know how they found you too!
Site Kit from Google can tell you this for FREE.

We can install Site Kit for you

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Is an even deeper topic and there's a lorry load of 'experts' out there. There are established basics and the Google Lighthouse tool will flag up if you are doing something very wrong but it won't help you beyond that. Yoast is a 'freemium' plugin that will take things further. Of course there are services and agencies that will do all of this for you if you've got that kind of money. We can only take you so far - it really depends on your particular industry and your competition. A lot of businesses will be absolutely fine on our level of SEO expertise - no need to pay extra.

Our website price range - which includes basic SEO -  starts at £500, averages £5k and tops out at £35k. If your budget for your online presence is north of £35k you should probably speak to an SEO specialist.

After 20 years of seeing a lot of BS (and shady SEO experts) we think you'll appreciate that information 🙂
Unfortunately we can't recommend an SEO agency, you'll have to do the research yourself.


Laptop with pirate flag. In article about cyber (crime) insurance.

Cyber insurance - do I need it?

It is definitely worth discussing this with your current insurer and getting other quotes - ransomware, malware, viruses and other attackers are a much more prevalent pest now and a lot of this nasty activity is automated so don't think you won't be a target. We've seen primary schools and hospitals affected, they don't care who you are.  At the very least it’s a good idea to have a plan and a FREE copy (or paid) version of Avast - even if you have a safer - but not immune  - Apple device (Mac).


Irritating, as far as cookies are concerned, but it's best practice to be compliant. We can help you to have a legal cookie policy and an unobtrusive way of letting people know what it is. If you collect more than just cookie data it would be wise to seek advice and a good starting point would be the UK's Information Commissioner's office website


This can get you points on two scores. In many ways having an accessible website is a sound business practice. Hundreds of thousands of people have some sort of assistive need when using the internet, it's not a shrewd idea to exclude their money! The added bonus is that an accessible website will be seen easier and scored accordingly by Google (and other search engines such as Duck Duck go and er, Bing) This is another big topic but for most businesses the basics will be covered by our standard pricing. Again, nothing extra to pay.


So there you go. Some of what needs to be done to improve your online presence you possibly already know. The rest you may want a chat about.

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