Bathroom fitting business website

We can design and build an amazing quick to load website that will be a 24/7 advert for your Bathroom fitting business. We don't do 'cheap' we do affordable and we deliver a high quality product at all price points. Our prices range from £500 to £35k but are usually in the £1500 to £5000 range. There are no monthly fees and no contracts unless you want one.

If you've seen a website that you want yours to be similar to (but better) just let us know

Here's what we recommend you include in your website:

About: This will be a brief 'elevator speech' that highlights why people should use your service. We can help you with the text if you don't already have some. We'll clean it up with Grammarly so you look your best.

Accreditations: Customers love to see reassuring memberships and we can present the logos of these nice and neatly in a professional layout to suit. You can also have more localised accreditations and any other trade meberships you may have.


Kitchen accreditations copy

Google and Trust Pilot reviews: If you have great reviews let's shout about them. These days most people will be actively looking for them - including 'Google my Business'.

Google my business and TrustPilot

A professional gallery of your best work: This is a must, a picture being worth a thousand words etc... don't worry about what format you have imagery in - we can work with anything and make it look great. We can also blend in a variety of brilliant stock imagery if requested.

Preferred contact method: This could be a telephone number, an enquiry form or an email address. That's a proper email - not Gary@gmail! - we can redirect to that one if needed 🙂

Any products used or brand names if a selling point: Sometimes people are actively looking for a particular brand that they want including so we'll make sure that is included in text as well as a logo so that it shows up in any searches.

Testimonials: It's always nice to see quotes from happy customers and it lends weight to the reviews to build a positive picture of you as a trusted trader. We can present these in a number of ways.

Talking money

Our prices start from only £500 and for some businesses that’s all you need. To be fair that is a bit basic so we'll let you know what spending a little more gets you.
There are small recurring costs for a domain name and hosting but these are charged at cost or you can pay them yourself.

Domain names and website hosting are annual charges wherever you go:
Domains are usually between £10 to £20 per year.
Hosting varies a lot and there’s quite a few things to watch out for. we can advise with no axe to grind, no affiliate links or any funny business.
Is there a perfect web host? We haven’t seen one yet but there are some well known (by us) good and bad ones.
Cheapest is never best for hosting and can cause problems for you and Google. Literally a false economy. Good hosting is available from less than £200 per year - with the first year usually available for about £60.
The expensive stuff is usually more than you need, so a compromise is best and we currently recommend Siteground as the best compromise.

Claim website design and ongoing costs as expenses. There are a number of ways to claim most or all of what you spend promoting your business with a website. Please ask your accountant the best way to suit your business.

Conclusion: We have over 20 years of experience in web design and many different media forms. We believe that our experience, coupled with very low overheads and an honest approach makes it worth asking us for a FREE quote. We look forward to hearing from you...