Soft Touch Arts Ltd

The Soft Touch Arts website went live late in 2022 and is constantly evolving. It's got a new host, replacing the old TSO host and the email is now Google Workspace.

It's an easy to edit website and multiple staff are editors.

Soft Touch are all about projects and their current projects will soon be joined by a selection of their over a thousand projects chosen from their 30 year plus history.

The archive will help SEO as it will cover all artforms that the charity offer to participants.

ST portfolio

We love working with arts organisations and can be very competitive on price.

Covid forced us into using Zoom but now we've seen the travel costs factor and not needing any form of office space, Zoom is here to stay!


You can see the website at

And you can also visit the cafe and/or any running exhibitions at Number 50 New Walk, Leicester