People Express – website and tuition


This is the third website we have built for People Express and features our favourite page builder. After a brief tutorial via Zoom their staff were able to login and build new pages and posts and use the page builder to arrange the content as they wished. They are very happy with the site!

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This was the second website we built for People Express. A few years ago they had a WordPress website based on an off the shelf theme. This was fine until the theme designer stopped updating the theme. At that point we were asked to recreate the theme with a few aesthetic and functional changes.

This second website is a completely custom WordPress underpinned by  the industry standard Genesis framework. At the top of their list was a more modern design that was also mobile friendly.

Our work with People Express has also brought about a change of Internet Service Provider (ISP). Their former host was a very expensive provider with questionable service. People Express now have a charity friendly ISP with excellent service and very low costs. Consequently this website rebuilding exercise actually paid for itself well within two years!

So the site is now mobile friendly and has much lower running costs!