Hosting April 2018

When you first buy your domain name you’ll probably buy a hosting package as well.
This package will usually include the domain name, some space for your website and an email service. Hosting packages vary wildly. The two areas this is most noticeable is web space hosting quality and technical support.

The most noticeable and measurable element to your hosting is your website hosting. If it’s slow, not only will you risk your potential customers going elsewhere but you’ll risk Google penalties. Google have started to move slow sites down the rankings because no-one likes slow sites.

The trouble with technical support is that it’s not until you need them that you find out how good they are. Some are brilliant but some make you jump through hoops before you get in the support queue. When you do get through to them the bad ones leave you more confused than when you started.

We’ve used many hosts over the years and some were shockingly bad. Some started great but got worse over time (usually after new ownership) and Siteground, the one we’re with now has been the best yet by a country mile. They are one of only four that are officially recommended by WordPress.
They aren’t the cheapest but you get what you pay for. Support is the best we have ever used and we’ve used them at the oddest hours in the week!

Moving hosts can be a complicated process but our host guides you through the process step by step as a part of the service. Or of course we can do it all for you.

It’s rarely a good idea to go for the cheapest in most things in life. We’ve only highlighted technical support and website speed, for the full story please see our hosting page at