Soft Touch Arts

soft jan 2015The website for this well known Midlands based charity is always changing and features up to date news, video’s, a newsletter and much more. The website is self managed and based on a customised WordPress. There are multiple ways to donate to the charity via sms/text and online donations or post. Other features are custom slideshows, various custom page templates, a project gallery and project news and social media sharing buttons for every post.


We have had a long relationship with Soft Touch Arts, delivering projects, technical support and their last three websites.

Perhaps the strangest project was the Red Eclipse project where we set up a multi player game in number 50 New Walk before the builders started work. We had a huge map with the building at the centre (built by the super talented Mateus Domingos ) and then played the game with many groups of potential service users. The idea was that people would get familiar with the building and suggest layout changes and decorating tips.


As they prepare for life at their amazing new premises at number 50 New Walk we wonder what other  exciting projects we will be involved in!